Alabama ASCD

Summer 2017 Outstanding Curriculum Leader Award

Dr. Amy Murphy receiving the Summer 2017 Outstanding Curriculum Leader Award (on laptop) from AASCD Executive Board Members Mitchie Neel and Lisa Beckham.

Leadership is creating an inspiring vision of the future, engaging others to own the vision, and working together to craft it into reality. School and district leaders are second only to classroom teachers in their impact on student learning. Each year, Alabama ASCD recognizes leaders
in education in our state who have provided remarkable leadership in their schools and districts. First, we honor those who are in the early years of their educational careers and have distinguished themselves as leaders.

AASCD also recognizes veteran educators for their consistently outstanding leadership in the ever-changing field of curriculum and instruction. Also recognized at the recent CLAS conference as the Outstanding Curriculum Leader for Spring, 2017, was Dr. Amy Fowler Murphy, Chemistry Education Specialist for AMSTI and Alabama Science in Motion at the University of Montevallo Inservice Center. Dr. Murphy has been an educator for 17 years, as a science teacher, adjunct instructor for a community college and two universities, and
a technology software consultant before working with teachers in the Montevallo Inservice Center region to bring chemistry labs and lessons to students.

Dr. Murphy is a National Board Certified teacher, a published author and presenter, and serves on the Executive Board of AASCD. Her passion for inquiry-based math and science education led her to organize her colleagues for a movement that essentially saved AMSTI and Science in Motion to ensure that students across the state would continue to have access to high quality science and math instruction. Nominated by teachers with whom she has worked, Dr. Murphy is described by peers as an educational scholar who shares a wealth of wisdom and best practices for teaching both students and adults. Her scholarship, commitment, passion, and extensive work with and for students in Alabama earned her colleagues’ respect and nomination for Alabama ASCD’s Outstanding Curriculum Leader Award for Spring,
2017. We are grateful to Dr. Murphy for her vast positive influence on education in Alabama!