Alabama ASCD

Summer 2014 Innovative Leadership Award

Dr. Pam Henson with Alabama ASCD Board Members Nancy Cotter and Dr. Lisa Beckham

Dr. Jane Cobia with Alabama ASCD Board Members Nancy Cotter and Dr. Lisa Beckham

Congratulations to our 2nd Innovative Leadership Award recipient, Dr. Jane Cobia. Dr. Cobia has led a long, varied, and outstanding educational career in Alabama as a teacher, educational specialist, director of instruction, superintendent, consultant, college professor, and mentor. Since becoming the first ever non-volunteer Executive Director of Alabama ASCD, Dr. Cobia has had numerous accomplishments:

  • Developing a strong vision for AASCD that is moving us forward in the 21st century
  • Partnering with CLAS to implement an electronic accounting system
  • Leading us to develop a real web presence with a website and social media
  • Leading the effort for an electronic quarterly newsletter
  • Leading us to increase our membership more than any other affiliate organization in Alabama
  • Gaining national recognition for AASCD by serving on the board for the national ASCD and working to help us achieve a national award in area of Exceptional Progress
  • Writing and receiving a national grant to help us partner with the Chief State School Officers, the State Dept of Education, and the national ASCD to host the CCRS Summit this past April

Thank you Dr. Cobia for your continued leadership!