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Morgan County Students Celebrate their Super Citizen Journey and Honor Local Heroes!

More than 600 elementary students from Morgan County Schools participate in the Super Citizen Program. The Super Citizen Program is a 10-week week civic, character, financial literacy and social studies program. Students learn the most important title in the world: “CITIZEN.”

On Super Citizen graduation day, students waved flags, wore Statue of Liberty crowns and counted down for Libby Liberty™ to take the stage virtually.

Students in multiple grades (2nd-5th) participated in the Super Citizen Program. The younger grades were taught an innovative civic education program starring Mr. Palmer (the hand-puppet host of the “Hands on Liberty” DVD series). Upper elementary grades learned from the original Super Citizen Program kit that featured DVD-based lessons, class activities and the emotional, unforgettable “Torch Teams” project-based learning experiences. In Torch Teams, students teamed up after learning their lessons, nominated, voted for and, ultimately, honored local heroes at this graduation. They learn that “When you honor a hero, you become a hero.” Their heroes were presented a Liberty trophy and students share how their hero makes a difference in their community.

The program makes it fun and compelling for students to learn about liberty, freedom, and civic responsibility. 

This event and the injection of civic learning is free to schools because of generous community sponsors who understand that these crucial lessons must be taught despite school time and budget constraints.


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