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AASCD Fall Board Retreat


AASCD Executive Board Members with Ron Nozoe from ASCD at Fall Board Retreat (Pictured L-R: Rickey Darby, Amy Murphy, Mitchie Neel, Ronn Nozoe, Brenda Rickett, Jane Cobia, Ashley Catrett, Donald Turner)

The Alabama ASCD Fall Board Retreat was held on Friday, September 16th at the Shelby County Instructional Support Center.

After AASCD Executive Director Jane Cobia shared her report and led a discussion of new business, our guest presenter ASCD Associate Executive Director Ronn Nozoe spoke to those in attendance. During his session, Ronn provided a detailed and very encouraging report on changes at ASCD, including:

  • an update of the ASCD mission model that adds input and feedback to make it more dynamic and fluid
  • a move to become more organic and fluid, which he indicated was a huge shift in the way ASCD had conducted itself in the past
  • a rebranding of the Annual Conference to EMPOWER 17, which includes up close and personal sessions, panels, debates, technology showcase, successful school showcase, and reflection pools
  • ASCD is now organized in three areas: core, growth, and support.

Following his presentation, Ronn answered questions from board members and regional representatives. Then AASCD President Ashley Catrett asked those present to divide into four “Think Tank” groups: 1) Membership; 2) Whole Child Initiative; 3) Technology; and 4) FILC 2017.

The Membership Think Tank indicated:

  • A need for continuing to reach out to regional reps to support and clarify their roles and areas of support they can provide.
  • Progress updates would be helpful during the renewal time.
  • Recommended the list of members previously shared be sent again, which would be especially helpful to new reps.
  • Encouraged reps and all board members to reach out to new and current members.

The Whole Child Think Tank indicated:

  • It is evident that gains have been made in the understanding of this critical issue.
  • More awareness is needed and recommended that an award be created immediately. Jan Tribble agreed to chair the committee and to distribute information quickly so the process for the first award could be completed before the FILC in October. The winning school will be recognized at the Awards Luncheon at FILC. The Alabama winner will then become the nominee for the ASCD award.
  • A shift from awareness to advocacy is needed. The group recommended the board seek training and input from Dave Griffin of ASCD to help us develop needed tools, for example an “elevator speech.”

The Technology Think Tank indicated:

  • The use of videos will be expanded in the social media presence.
  • Periscope opportunities will be expanded.
  • They want to find a way to effectively connect educators with resources mentioned at meetings and conferences.
  • Consideration should be given to making joining through technology easier.
  • Deadlines, announcements, features, etc. need to be shared with Amy and Wendy so they can be a part of the social media flow.
  • Wendy created an Instagram account for us: AlabamaASCD.
  • They would welcome a person to manage a Facebook account.

The 2017 FILC Think Tank indicated:

  • Consideration of EMPOWER17 new features should be included in planning process.
  • The theme should focus on leadership, of course, but what aspect(s) would be most helpful was discussed.
  • Stress was mentioned given the climate in education currently. So, leading during stressful situations and making sure individuals address their need to be “whole” be a focus.
  • “Building Capacity for Leadership through Times of Change” will be the AASCD suggestion for FILC 2017 theme.
  • Ronn Nozoe and Juliette Funt are suggested as two keynote speakers to invite.

Following the retreat, Ronn Nozoe joined the board members and regional representatives for lunch, provided by Pam Mills from Classworks.

Ronn Nozoe from ASCD receiving a "thank you" gift from AASCD Executive Director Jane Cobia and President Ashley Catrett

Ronn Nozoe from ASCD receiving a “thank you” gift from AASCD Executive Director Jane Cobia and President Ashley Catrett

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